About us

Our Mission

Looyce Armenian School is committed to providing students unable to attend a co-bilingual English & Armenian School, with the opportunity to learn and live the Armenian language. We aim to do this through achieving the following main objectives:

  1. To foster and cultivate in the students a positive attitude and love towards themselves, their Armenian identity and faith, and the Armenian-Australian community.
  2. To allow the students to develop functional competence in the Armenian language, that is, proficiency in spoken and written Armenian.
  3. To help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the Armenian language and culture.
  4. To instill in the students ethical and moral values held high in the Christian faith, so that they may develop into productive and contributing members of their community.
  5. To enrich and enhance the student’s learning experiences in a stimulating, welcoming, and enjoyable environment.

Welcome To Our Armenian School

In 2009, a group of teachers under the leadership of Monsignor Father Basil Sousanian of the Armenian Catholic Church in Sydney – embarked on a sacred journey to preserve the Armenian identity. Consequently, under the umbrella of the Armenian Catholic Church, they established Looyce Armenian School.

The school aims to provide school-age Armenian children  with an opportunity to attend Armenian language school in a warm environment where they would acquaint themselves with other Armenian  children, learn Armenian language, history as well as age old Armenian and Christian values and traditions.

Looyce Armenian School opened its doors for the first time to 45 students in 2010 academic year in Quakers Hill, on St John Paul II Catholic College grounds which to date hosts staff and students gratis on a weekly basis.

On Saturdays, Pre-kindergarten to Year 10 students start their day with “Aravod Luso” prayer followed by four hours of face to face instruction about Armenian language, grammar, history, culture and traditions. Various Armenian textbooks are utilised to plan modern, student

Therefore, we forward an open invitation to all centred lessons which encourage student engagement and promote awareness. Finally the day concludes with Armenian singing presented by the school choir.

The principal, Monsignor Father Basil and all board members work tirelessly towards the continuous advancement of the school.

Annual school concerts are keenly presented by the students. It has become a school tradition also to celebrate Vartanank Day, Easter, Christmas as well as to commemorate the Armenian Genocide.

Undeniably our ultimate goal is for Looyce Armenian School to become a mainstream bi lingual school. Without the vital existence of Armenian schools in Diaspora, upholding and preserving our Armenian identity would have become a cultural crisis.

Therefore, we forward an open invitation to all parents who firmly believe in the fundamental role Armenian schools play, and call them to entrust Looyce Armenian School with the sacred duty of shaping and nurturing their children as proud representatives of future Armenian generations.

An Armenian Home

Looyce Armenian School is where my children learn how to write, read and get in touch with their history. They create new friends, which I’m sure they will remain as great friends. The school has a warm and friendly Armenian environment, for the children, as it does for the parents.  I want to thank the entire teaching staff, for committing their precious time in teaching our students with a high quality and modern approach.

– Anahid Pamboukian