Welcome to 2017



Dear Parents,

  • The Looyce Armenian School administration, management, and teacher administration would like to welcome and thank our existing and new students and parents in providing their dedication, trust, and appreciation towards the school for 2017.
  • We would also like to thank the members involved in organising and bringing food to our Christmas Carols and Yearly Concert events.
  • Attention should also be brought to parents that haven’t yet been involved in our fundraising efforts. We kindly appreciate your help and those that you know that might be interested.
  • The Looyce Armenian School family would also like to welcome to the family Miss Mariam Melkonian and Mr. Shant Kotojian, that as former students have returned to help teach our up and coming students.
  • The Armenian Virtual College hybrid lessons have been officially rolled out across four classes, after the successful trial at the end of 2016, and the formal majority of approval from the teaching and administration staff.

   Welcome back



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